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Adria business & technology, quand la haute technologie s’allie à la banque !

Combinant valeur ajoutée et efficacité des solutions délivrées, notre mission est d’accompagner les établissements financiers dans la mise en place de leurs projets de digitalisation via nos solutions technologiques et progiciels spécialisés !

Nos solutions

A chaque défi de digitalisation bancaire, sa solution Adria ! Quelque soit votre besoin de digital banking, nous vous proposons des solutions à la hauteur de vos ambitions et de vos attentes !

Digital Onboarding / Ekyc:

Combining Digital Onboarding and KYC relies on software architecture that facilitates data collection, extraction, and identity verification, while integrating verification protocols such as biometrics and OCR. The solution ensures regulatory compliance while automating the process, enhancing both security and efficiency in customer onboarding.

Aggregation/ Digital Lending:

Credit aggregation and digital lending are driven by advanced data architecture that collects, stores, and analyzes borrowers’ financial data from various sources. This data-driven approach enhances credit risk assessment accuracy. Loan applications are seamlessly processed electronically, offering borrowers a quicker and more efficient experience.

Corporate Banking:
Includes Cash Management, also known as Treasury Management, is a solution that enables businesses to optimize their liquidity, minimize costs, and enhance returns on their surplus funds. And Trade Finance which is designed to streamline international trade financing operations. It provides a range of digitized techniques for managing documentary credits, bank guarantees, and export loans.

Open Banking solutions:

Open Banking represents a transformative force in the financial sector, granting customers the ability to securely share their banking data with approved third parties. As a cutting-edge solution, it empowers banks and financial institutions to harness this paradigm shift by facilitating the creation of innovative, customer-centric financial services. This fosters a new era of personalized and competitive financial offerings, ultimately providing clients with enhanced control over their financial data and experiences.

The “M-wallet,” a new means of payment, simple, convenient, and secure, presented in the form of a mobile application, allows end customers to manage their finances in one place! An innovative solution that enables its holder to perform several operations instantly and interoperably.

Mobile & web Banking:

Our Mobile and Web Banking solutions are designed to provide end customers with convenient and instant banking operations anytime and on any device! They offer a range of digitalized features and also help reduce branch costs and maximize customer loyalty through a package of 100% digital solutions!

Digital Signing & Sealing:
An electronic signature is a legal and technical method that allows users to give consent to digital documents. It is qualified with the same legal value as a manual signature but with more diversified advantages, such as:
    ● Speed
    ● Simplicity
    ● Lower Costs
    ● Stronger Security
Agency Banking:

The Agency Banking solution enables banks to implement cost-effective branchless operations through a network of local agents and merchants. Its advantages include user-friendliness, cost reduction for banks, cost-effective financial solutions for clients, and targeting underserved or unbanked communities.

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